Nora Ness

NPQSL, MBPsS, BA (Ed), BSc Psychology, PGCE, TEFL

Nora is the Founder and Director of The Egg. She leads our school and family support programmes and international training.

Nora has a wealth of experience both as a teacher and as a senior leader in a range of school settings

Having spent 15 years in teaching, leading teams and training/mentoring colleagues in a range of educational establishments, including teaching abroad, Nora has developed an uncompromising passion for delivering accessible and targeted education to all. She believes that one of the key concepts driving education forward must be sustainability to ensure schools truly stand the test of times.  She is determined to forever inspire learners to appreciate and embrace their journey of self discovery both academically and pastorally all through their lives.  

Her mission is to bring the best out of EVERY learner, regardless of age or background, by applying an integrated approach in her practice. She firmly stands for representing the highest of standards and outstanding expectations while also tailoring the learning experience for each learner's individual need and interest.

Nora  continues to lead and educate teachers, trainers and coaches of the future internationally. As an avid admirer of her Pedagogy professor, innovator and educational theorist Laszlo Gaspar, for whom she worked as a research assistant, she vowed to carry on with his legacy of promoting a child-centred, progressive and integrative approach in education. 

In the early years of her career, Nora also  worked at, established and managed successful tuition centres in London and Oxford as well as working as an EAL teacher.

Nora is currently researching for her doctorate in education. 

Cassie Blackwood


Cassie heads our EYFS support programmes. 

Cassie is a consummate professional who demonstrates an empowering philosophy for Early Years and Primary Education.

Cassie is an Early Years and Safeguarding Consultant and undertakes pre and post Ofsted support for schools who require our services. She is subcontracted out nationwide with a large number of provision including multi-academy trusts.

Through Cassie’s enthusiasm for early education, she is able to swiftly establish positive working relationships with senior leaders, staff and the children.

She works with the headship to ensure that they fully understand why they need to improve and, above all, how best to improve. Cassie always puts the needs of the children at the heart of all the work she undertakes.

Cassie possesses impeccable analytical skills which allow her to get to the very heart of the setting she is working with.

Cassie delivers a wide range of EYFS training courses including forest school delivery.

She also specialises in SEND and is PEG trained to support schools that have children with percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy insertions.

Her skills in written and oral communication are exemplary because she is able to capture the salient points of strengths and development areas succinctly, clearly and ensures that the proposed impact of any suggested actions will be measurable in terms of improving the life chances for the children.

Nigel Grimes

Nigel is our well-being practitioner, offering mindfulness, breathing and forest bathing services. 

Nigel has his own wellbeing consultancy, where he has helped adults and minors with problems such as stress, anxiety, concentration challenges, panic attacks, sleep disorders and busy minds.

Nigel spent many years working in the corporate world as a marketing specialist but, after a bout of unexpected illness, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery, resulting in training in breathing therapy and mindfulness. He recently added forest bathing to his range of services and is a fully qualified practitioner with the Institute of Forest Bathing. 

Nigel works with schools, adults and children and finds that childhood is the ideal time to learn new, healthy breathing and mindfulness habits, though of course it is never too late to learn. 

He is particularly passionate about the educational sector as he knows how important it is to reach children who are experiencing high levels of stress, but also to reach teachers and other school staff to enable them to model for the children and to keep themselves healthy.

Nigel has two adopted children who are now adults. They have a range of diagnoses and special educational needs and received a lot of help through their school years.  

He has chaired a fundraising committee and managed events in the past for schools for special educational needs and remains passionate about giving back to the educational system which so helped his girls.